Sam Cregger was born in Arlington, Virginia, the youngest of four boys. He grew up surrounded by art of all kinds, from painting to music, and even comedy. Over the years, his art has taken its own unique form, taking its cues from musicians, authors, and actors alike. Musically, Sam counts Ryan Bingham, Lucinda Williams, and Ray LaMontagne (to name a few) as some of his strongest influences. At the same time, he draws inspiration from the western stories and characters of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Cormac McCarthy. Sam’s own music blends the rugged self-reliance and yearning of a western frontiersman with the deeply rooted loyalty of a born and bred Virginian. 

When he’s not playing music, Sam works as a local farmer outside of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Who else do you hear on Sam's records?

Sam Wilson - Producer, Mixer, Dobro, Mandolin, Electric Guitar and Pedal Steel. The two Sams met at the open mic at The Local in the Belmont area of Charlottesville. Sam Wilson was attending as a guest musician in the backup band for the night's songwriters. Eventually, fellow Charlottesville-based singer-songwriter, Carl Anderson, suggested the two collaborate for the new record. Sam Wilson is also one of the founding members of the rising Americana band, Sons of Bill. (Tell Me Something Different)

Brian Caputo - Drums and percussion. Brian coordinates the open mic at The Local, and is an important figure in the central Virginia music scene where he is among the top musicians. Brian is a member of the group Azul. (Tell Me Something Different)

Mike Clem - Electric Bass and Upright Bass. One of the members of the backup band at The Local open mic scene, Clem is also a member of the band, Eddie from Ohio. (Tell Me Something Different)

Charlie Heyer - Piano. Heyer and Sam went to high school together in Virginia where they first began to play together. They continued to play into college, even sending audio files through email so they could continue to make songs. After college, both moved to Charlottesville. After playing in the local scene together (under the name C.C.S.H.) for a year, Heyer has moved to Seattle, WA, but still sends audio files for recordings. (Wanderlust and Tell Me Something Different)

Ellen Anderson - Backing Vocals. Ellen is married to the Charlottesville singer-songwriter, Carl Anderson, and even sings and performs with him. (Tell Me Something Different)

Abe Wilson - Organ. The little brother of Sam Wilson and fellow member of Sons of Bill. (Tell Me Something Different)

Matty Metcalfe - Accordion. Matty is the final member of the backup band at The Local's open mic, where he plays electric guitar. Matty is known throughout the Charlottesville music community as a jack-of-all-trades, knowing how to play a seemingly endless number of instruments. (Tell Me Something Different)

Brian Kenney - Fiddle. One of the first people Sam met when he moved to Charlottesville, Brian quickly became a good friend. Together Sam and Brian worked together at Bellair Farm CSA just outside of Charlottesville, where they would have a wide variety of conversations, that typically revolved around music. Brian now works his own farm, Do Re Mi, just outside of Seattle, WA. (Wanderlust)