Really excited to share that the always supportive Trainwreck'd Society (Ron Trembath) gave "Tell Me Something Different" Album of the Year!! And "Doubts" as Song of the Year!


Interviews and Reviews


Daily Progress Interview

"Most professional musicians will say that they live for their time on stage. Talk with Cregger, and it sounds like he lives for the songs he writes."

Trainwreck'd Society review of "Tell Me Something Different"

"Tell Me Something Different is a wonderful album, but it truly feels like the very beginning of a brilliant musician mastering his craft, and it would behoove all who hear his words to stay tuned in the years to come.  Sam Cregger is destined for greatness, and is destined to be the guy who will make you say, “I knew him when……”.  But right here, in this very moment, just appreciate the gold he has given you, and be damn grateful for the opportunity to hear one of today’s finest folk acts trotting the globe today."

C'ville Weekly review of "Tell Me Something Different"

"Cregger does a fine job combining his dusty vocals with appropriate amounts of emotion (“In the Dirt”) or exhaustion (“Doubts”), and proves to be a capable narrator whether his subjects are fictional or not."

Bracket and Bracket Review of "Tell Me Something Different"

"Sam has a way of conveying a story with each song he plays. The music and vocals take you on journey. You step int the shoes of someone else and for a brief second the music takes over. The slow and emotional style is a staple to Sam’s performance. He wants you to feel the emotion ingrained in every track. This was something I criticized on ‘Wanderlust’ but came to accept on this album. After listening to all of these songs I don’t think I would want Sam’s music any other way. It’s his style, his fashion, and it’s what he does best."

Trainwreck'd Society Review

"It is truly amazing how an artist can just show up in to your like completely by accident. What is even more amazing is how you can begin to wonder how you ever appreciated music before hearing them! Such is the case with one of my latest finds, the up Virginia based folksmith that is Sam Cregger. Here we have a cat that embodies the very spirit of independent folk music that we have, or should at least, come to appreciate and enjoy."

News Advanced Interview

"With "Tell Me Something Different," Cregger displays the tools of a journeyman musician's trade -- worn smooth and polished by constant use -- and, when he lays them out, they kind of look as raw and inviting as the lyrics."